MRS Given Mmane

MRS Given Mmane


My name is Given Mmane, Mrs Africa South 2017. I am a wife to Lesego Mmane, a mother of two beautiful daughters and a child of God. I am a businessperson and a Lecturer. I am currently a Lecturer at my local community college (Iphatlhose) in Rustenburg (North West Province in South Africa), a lifestyle & image consultant and I am also an inspirational speaker.

 I am a qualified secondary school teacher (UDES – University of the North West) with a  B.A Dramatic Arts (Wits University) and a Post Graduate Dip Digital Animation (Wits University) and also a certified in Image Consultation (S.A Image Academy). I taught TV studies at Wits TV in 2002, I then worked for Smollan groups as a sales executive for the SAA Voyager credit card, which landed me a promotion in Nedbank as a sales consultant for the same credit card and later a channel manager for the same card, and the ProShop credit card. I believe the best way to recuperate and gain strength is to take a break. My absolute luxury necessity is a well-deserved holiday or weekend away. I believe everyone has the potential to be Great. I am passionate about motivating & guiding women & girls to transform their lives by working on their dreams and aspirations. I believe no dream is too big and unattainable and I live to plant a seed of confidence and self-potential in all I cross paths.


Purpose – I believe in Human Greatness and that everyone has a God-given purpose that they need to fulfil before they leave this earth. I want to assist everyone I encounter to find and work towards the fulfillment of his or her purpose. I do this through seminars, conferences, and workshops on topics related to building one’s life

Love – Love is the one thing that drives ‘care’. If you love someone or something, you go to great lengths to see to it that they are ok and well at all times. Love for one another as Africans can bring the continent together and that means we can re-build this wonderful continent and take it to greater heights

Excellence – For me, Excellence is being exceptionally good at something and in my opinion, everyone has the potential to be good in every area of his or her lives. I believe Excellence can be attained through hard work and everyday practice.


My background in the rural area and family especially my parents have had the greatest and profound influence on me. Growing up in a village was a life lesson in itself because I learned that poverty and inequality is a reality that the vulnerable (women & children predominantly) face daily. My parents were and still are givers, they taught me to give and to care for those who are less fortunate.


My parents

They are the first people who ever gave me an important life lesson on loving God’s creation. I have become a giver because of them, I have the courage to learn and pass knowledge to others due to all their teachings.

Michelle Obama

She is a perfect example of how a woman can change the world with words and good deeds. A perfect embodiment of a wife, mother and a community/nation builder.

Apostle LNT Kgobokoe

He is my Spiritual father and a man who practices what he preaches. He leads by example and I am learning excellent leadership skills from him. He continues to teach me how to know and live for Christ in the midst of everything else.


In the next 5 years, I want to look back and see all the lives that I have transformed through all my spheres of influence e.g Motivational speeches, image consultation, philanthropy work and lecturing. I believe the transformation of Africa is imminent and I want to be a great part of changing this continent for the better. What better way to do that than transform the lives of people who live in it. I intend to do this by giving them hope for a better life through building their self-esteem, self-belief, and self-potential.

I have friends who help me and motivate me to do better and to keep going amidst all challenges (it is hard to focus sometimes that is why I need “cheerleaders”). My Pastor is also my go-to person for advice and inspiration (he is not just a pastor; he is an entrepreneur, a leadership coach, and a philanthropist). My husband is my biggest critic, advisor, and my motivator. He helps me on all projects I take on.


African women experience inferiority complex in relation to men and we are still not financially free. In trying to correct this wrong, I have established a social club for young women (Given’s Angels) with the aim of teaching girls how to take control of their own lives. We have motivational talks, exchange ideas on many issues and we are now starting to learn creative arts.


I like movies and books but if I could, I would tour the world. I love traveling and exploring new places


In my opinion, African women have always been at the bottom of the human hierarchy and the time has come for all of us to move to our rightful positions of being carriers and leaders of our communities. We are capable of not only raising our own children but we have the ability and the tenacity to raise the entire community single-handedly. With the right inspiration and empowerment for women in Africa, this continent will drastically transform into a den of knowledge, power, and wealth.


I would prefer to motivate and inspire women of all ages across Africa. I would also be honored to give women makeovers and teach them how to look great because when you look and feel good your confidence is boosted.


You have the power and the capability to change your life for the better. You are stronger than you think and you are powerful beyond measure.GIVEN - INSTAGRAM