range COVER for jpeg conversion.cdrDr. Oluwatoyin ‘Bode-Abass is a wellness, nutrition, weight management and lifestyle consultant. She studied Medicine and Surgery at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, where she finished top ten of her graduating class. Passionate about health promotion and disease prevention, a career in Preventive Medicine is a fit. With encouragement from her husband and friends, she founded TBA Wellness Hub, a wellness and lifestyle consultancy where she empowers individuals to take a proactive approach to their health and nutrition. She also recently founded Erin’s Clean Kitchen to provide healthful meal options.

Oluwatoyin got married to her college sweetheart, ‘Bode barely three months after a major gynaecological surgery. Both knowing that the diagnosis could affect their chances of having children, they held on to their love for each other, faith in God and hopes for a miracle. Grateful for a happy ending to nearly eight years of childlessness, she has written the book, ‘RANGE’ which chronicles her formative years, her orientation, how she found love and her long, arduous journey through infertility to motherhood and eventually to suffering pregnancy loss. Her experience with difficult life situations from a very tender age and her fighting spirit speaks to her ability to recoil.

Oluwatoyin believes that through the vicissitudes in her life she found purpose. It is her hope that we begin to show compassion and let people feel free to live through and talk about their situations without being judged, without being ridiculed, without being shamed but more importantly with dignity!

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Oluwatoyin is a proud Christian, wife and mom. She loves building memories with her husband, Bode and her son, Oluwalani. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, traveling and interior design. She dedicates herself to providing information and support for couples battling infertility, through Range Foundation. She also works with children in disadvantaged situations. She is a fitness enthusiast and a shoe aficionado.