Definition [Merriam Webster Dictionary]:  To turn on (something) by turning or pushing a button or moving a switch, lever, etc. I switched on the TV. She switched the light on.

A whole lot is changing around us – the tools and devices of yesterday have soon become obsolete. People, Products, and Places are evolving every second. The responsibility is ours; we must not only be alert but also become mindful of our roles as we gradually move from the “3rd platform” to the “4th platform” whilst in tandem with our purpose. It is time to turn on the SWITCH.

YES! It is time to #SwitchON your creativity – define your space.

Nature abhors vacuum – it is time to keep on moving – the journey is likened to being on a train if you stand in front of it, you get crushed if you hesitate you get left behind and soon become forgotten.

All through JUNE, we will walk through and define the PERSON, the PURPOSE, the PROCESS and the PRODUCT OF POSSIBILITIES…..YOU CAN BECOME ALL YOU WANT IN TIME.

In this ERA, you must come to terms with the critical role engagement plays. You must DEFINE YOUR SPACE.


It is time…. This is JUNE …. #SwitchON your creativity!!!