I am Naomi Kokuro with specialization in the areas of influence being  Marketing and Sales/ Communication/ Projects and Logistics

-Current Job – Social Entrepreneur

-Education – First Class In Bachelor’s In Business Administration, Marketing

        -First Job – Branch Manager

        -Necessary Luxury – A Car

-Your Passion – Empowering through educating and guiding Kayayes and Startups as well as Volunteering for Social Impact Project


 Passion- I always believe that, with whatever you do and direction a person takes, their passion to guide them. When your passion guides you, you give your best, Following your passion alone can be challenging, To be a social entrepreneur, I had to resign from my paying Job to do social entrepreneurship full time. I really needed to attend A Training Program that can shape my passion- Civic Leadership

Perseverance – When your Passion leads you on, your willingness to get it done when you set out to do it, is what leads you on. I have had many people put me on projects leads because they make comments like “ When Naomi is the lead, she will make sure this job gets done perfectly” Motivation gets us going, Self-Discipline which comes with Perseverance get us growing

Assertiveness – Naomi speaks her mind, which has landed her in few troubles, but once she knows she is saying it the way it’s supposed to be, she mostly did not mind. Her assertiveness about issues and perseverance has earned her the nickname – The tormenting- Dictator. Those that feel she is too strict and do as she says calls her out as a dictator who will lash out the punishment once you fall into it. Off late, she has relaxed more on this attribute as it has some negative backing, learning how to tolerate more but disciplined and firm



My son has always been my influence to keep me going, it has not been easy but there is no room totally give up. More often than not, the smiles my projects and events put on the faces of participants. Their acknowledgment alone makes me always want to go and do more.

I remember after being a speaker at a program “Women Who Inspire” organized by GEIG(Girls Education Initiative of Ghana program, and the students boldly came up one after the other to thank me for such a message and attitudinal change talk. One girl actually came to the pulpit to acknowledge the impact and how she was going to speak up and be confident to share her views and not fear to make mistakes, the school authorities were in awe.

Comments like that, appreciations like that, keep me going, influence my life and my decisions



Oheneyere Gifty Anti – A social Entrepreneur and the host of the Stand Point TV show.

Oprah Winfrey– A social Entrepreneur and host of Oprah Show

Brian Tracy – Key Note Speaker, Consultant, Seminar Leader

I see myself in Gifty and Oprah. I want to be like when it comes to my career and profession.

I started watching Oprah show at a younger age and always wishing and telling myself I want to be like her when I grow up, by then I knew nothing about being a social entrepreneur and all that comes with it. As I grew up and I broadened my knowledge, is started watching people like Gifty Anti and Tyra Banks show. Those three shows were shows I never wanted to miss. Understanding giving back to the society and using what you have to help, Oprah and Gifty have stood out and I can see some resemblance.

When it comes to my Profession as a Sales and Marketing Consultant, I needed someone who has a proven record and his practices worked. People have always acknowledged my good sales skills and any person that wants to grow needs to grow in their skills and from inside out. With a vision to Consult for Startups on Sales and Marketing as part of my social entrepreneurship, Brian is the perfect Model to look up to. Check this website. I do read and learn from other sales and Marketing Professionals in the field(Locally and Internationally), but I started reading Brian’s Sales book since 5 years ago and each time, I have learnt something awesome that I can also impact. As well as Brian is also a speaker and a consultant.



I want to have empowered and educated as well as branded 5000 Kayayes (Head Potters) In Ghana. Yes, I have a Board in place ready to launch the Kayaye Ahenfie Project. We are at the idea stage.

In 5 years Entrepreneurs Moment with Boakyewaah Consult (EMWB) should be a household name in Ghana and Africa. An Organization that will mentor and coach Start up an organization in Marketing and Sales programs as well as promote them, through a one on one session, Improved version of my Radio show and it will grow to the TV and becomes an international show and brand.



The African woman is afraid to speak up, challenge or says what she thinks sake of what others may think of her especially the male counterpart. We are often tagged with negative names like “disrespectful” and the like when we also want to make our point, Intolerant and not a wife material. I remember a private chat with a guy after a session on WhatsApp where I shared my thoughts on a discussion to tell me, it will be difficult for me to get a man if I am always going to argue or prove my point. This issue has made many girls and women less confident, in our homes we were taught, a woman should not just talk because that is not ladylike, with this in mind and grow up, we then find many girls in abusive relationships, places, programs and they are not able to speak up for fear of negative tags.

Through my training, talk shows, posts and educative program, I try as much as possible to educate and let both parties (men and women) understand the importance of communication. And that one can actually be confident without being arrogant, that one can share their ideas, correct another person, that a woman can actually argue with a man without they thinking that she’s just being emotional about the particular issue. I train on how to present your case, not judging or downplaying anyone’s intelligence, knowing your facts to prove the point, unfortunately knowing more to actually come back and argue constructively. Appreciating the other person’s idea and coming out with yours. I also join in campaigns that promote women empowerment.



Do I even have something like that now, ok now I read, listen to music or motivational Talks



Because they deserve it and it’s their right. African women are doing great jobs, in IT, entrepreneurship, media etc and their story should be shared for people to know and appreciated. No matter how small, the African woman needs to be celebrated. We have come a long way to be noted, to have some voice, we still in progress though just still we deserve a pat on the back for reaching here. And empowered to do more as well as spread out to bring on board more, we are the mothers, we stay with the children, once we are empowered, it will definitely trickle down to the boys who will understand and appreciate the value of women and our girls who will then have and know they are valuable. I just realized I cook too when I am stressed. I just want to cook the situation away



I would want to be responsible for helping to organize Training programs and workshops. Responsible for all the logistics, publicity (social media, all mediums), Event planning and making sure everything is appropriately done to achieve the results.



Be you in whatever and wherever you are. You are special in your own way, be confident and not arrogant. Know what you are about, know your direction. Follow your passion and let self-discipline guide you to success.