According to a saddening statistics by World Health Organization, a whopping 2.4 billion about 40% of World Population people are susceptible to sicknesses associated with poor hygiene, unsafe water, environmental pollution etc.

These explain why malaria, diarrhea, giardiasis, amoebiasis and Lassa fever infection and deadly but preventable diseases had ravaged and are still ravaging Africa with no end in view.

There is no gain saying the commonly used refrain, “health is wealth” is a certitude.


Facts have shown that the wealth of a nation, a people is directly proportional to the state of their health. That is why healthier countries in Europe and North America are wealthier than many countries in Africa and Latin America. Apparently, a nation’s wealth lies in the health of its Human Resources.

Piqued by these and the gloomy future that awaits us a nation that holds one-fifth of Africa’s approximated 1 billion people, the Aimcare Services Lagos, a health social enterprise was created to change the status quo using a three-pronged approach of Production, Education/Advocacy, and Outreach.


Production: We produce the affordable Aimcare Bathkit, a carefully assembled toilet utility pack designed to ensure excellent personal hygiene and convenience of users and we supply them to schools, government agencies, hospitals, and a bunch of other change makers.

Education: We believe, like Nelson Mandela, that Education is the most potent tool to change the world. We take health education to schools, public places and organize symposiums for health education teachers across the country.

Advocacy: By getting like minds on board and getting words around, we believe there is no limit to what we can achieve as a team. We use our social media platforms to champion hygiene causes.

Outreach: We organize live clean hygiene outreach programs, which are aimed at helping vulnerable children in rural communities have access to basic hygiene products. In all our outreaches, we give out hygiene products to children and young people who ordinarily would not have been to afford them.


Our raison d’être, promoting and establishing quality hygiene practices is central to achieving all the other goals of the SDGs as they all need healthy people who must work together to achieve them.

So far we have been able to impact well over 3000 young people and we have an outreach lined up for the 18th of July in celebration of Mandela Day during which we will give out hygiene products to about 500 young people.



Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Aimcare Services is a social enterprise, established to promote personal hygiene and instigate behavioral change by engaging in hygiene education