Kedidimetse Tswai Founder of I AM KEDIDIMETSE foundation, Ambassador, and businesswoman

Kedidimetse was born in Mafikeng on 11 October 1980. She is the second of four children (she has two sisters and a brother), born to mom Kegomoditswe Molosiwa, a single mother.

Kedidimetse was raised by her maternal aunt, from when she was 5 years old, and often says this is the reason why she is also raising her husband’s daughter Mbali (in addition to two of her own) because her aunt once gave her a break in life, taking care of her general well-being and educating her.

Kedi, as those in her closest circle affectionately call her, works as Project Administrator for the Department of Water and Sanitation in the Customer Relations Management division. She is a caregiver, – fulfilling the expression, Charity begins at home. Kedi is warm, compassion and has a great love for humanity, especially women and Youth.

The 36-year-old beauty and wife to Tshwanelo Tswai, -highly extrovert, she has the sharp business acumen, inculcated from a very tender age, when she used to sell sweets at school, Kedi possesses excellent fundraising skills. Her achievements speak for her:

  • She established her own Foundation, I AM Kedidimetse Foundation.
  1. She is Mrs Africa and Mrs. Africa Globe 2017
  2. She was crowned Queen of South Africa for Gauteng East 2016.
  3. She was Mrs. South Africa 2015 Finalist (top 25).
  4. She is Celebrity Face of Bonhomie and brand ambassador for Bon Hotel in Midrand.
  5. She is a brand ambassador for Madumani Wear.
  6. Also Brand ambassador for Magwanani Africa Spa, Placecol,
  7. She is mentor for girls at Comfort Zone for Girls
  8. She is a motivational speaker

She also judged a few competitions, ranging from school pageants to general pageants:

She officially launched her Foundation, I AM Kedidimetse on 19 November 2016, which focuses on restoring the dignity of poverty stricken communities and the social development of our youth by providing: under the title: Changing lives…..Impaction the world


Kedi was also involved with the Independent National Gospel Music Awards (INGOMA), and was MC for the Nominees’ party 2015; and presented the awards for 2015/16.

Kedi is friendly and approachable, and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She uses her ‘free’ time to visit orphanages and old age homes where she would clean, cook and feed children and the elderly. She is not only sophisticated and elegant, but also a devout Christian and a God -fearing worshiper in the House of the Lord, and calls herself #JesusGirl.

#JesusGirl is not just a meaningless catch phrase, as Kedi is seen here motivating the Youth DURING Youth Day and honouring the elderly, at her church, Grace Christian Fellowship (GCF) Montana Pretoria.

Her STRATEGY is to:

  • To rebrand herself not only as a beauty Queen but a Businesswoman as she is passionate about fashion and baking so she can open a baking school, a philanthropist, a mentor
  • To Partner with Media houses, Brands and businesses that share the same mandate
  • To give the brand a platform everyone to rally behind.
  • To start moving towards a more defined space post Mrs Africa


  • I ALWAYS aspire to be the best version of myself and teaching others to do the same
  • THE THINGS we get in Life can make us a living…. The things we give to people can make a life.
  • NEVER LOOK DOWN on anybody unless you are helping them up.


 A lesson learned and understanding instilled through this word

 Beauty = Throughout history, beautiful, strong and committed women have changed the world, as women in Africa have evolved into history makers,

Fearless = I have been called fearless, but fearlessness is not the absence of fear, but having courage. Being fearless does not mean you are not scared. Fearlessness is being terrified, but taking the leap of Faith anyway.

  Wisdom = we all paint a picture of happiness, contentment and fulfillment, but all of us have experienced brokenness at one stage or another in our lives. From this life lessons let us have wisdom and learn to reach out and help where we can possibly help and change and impact lives I live by a motto “change lives and impact the world, one life at a time “





 DR MYLE MONROE –He’s always on point with life lessons e.g. He said something profound when saying “Great People don’t do great things but the do small things in a great way “ and also ‘One has to die Empty in the knowledge that you leave a mark, impacting others with the knowledge and skills you acquired “


  • Launch and market MY brand ( including  clothing line  )
  • Create a Platform for my Brands
  • To leave a Legacy for those behind me to continue with the vision of the Foundation
  • I always discuss it will my partner and my manager ( my HUBBY)


 Rural women and Girl empowerment and education

“My focus for as part of term as the reigning Mrs Africa & Mrs Africa Globe 2017 is to work towards uplifting ordinary women as well as young girls in the African continent. I am extending this call to corporates, business owners to join me by supporting the identifying causes and social programs I plan to undertake. I plan to embark on a number of global and African cultural awareness programs in partnership with various stakeholders, such as the media, communities and other key stakeholders. My programs and campaigns will be driven by the desire to promote family values, community cohesion and raising funds for humanitarian charities and causes in Africa. I plant to focus on disadvantaged children, poverty eradication, homelessness, disaster victims and raising funds to help poor African children access tertiary education


 Gospel music does a trick as I am a spiritual woman and a born again Christian who love to be closer to my God t all time. I spend time as well with my daughters as they fulfill me


They should be celebrated, as they are brave and fearless women who strive every day to build strong family units, and who work to put food on the table. We must acknowledge and applaud the women in Africa who take a stand, and who rally against these problems that seek to bring women down


Empowerment – as I believe being empowered is the best investment that one can impact and on others



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