IMG_2962Thandile S. Ntshwanti ka Mtimde is a Development Sector Management Consultant (Development|CSI|Non Profit|Philanthropy)

Current Job: Founder & Managing Director of Bumba Consulting Group: This is a consulting firm that offers advisory services, social & development research, and management consultancy to national and international organizations; governments and non-governments clients whose focus is in the development sector.

I also practice as a Development Sector Management Consultant, in my individual professional capacity contributing to the building of development organizations.

            Education: I have a BA in Education, Honours in Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Public and Development Management. I am finalizing my Masters in Management and my thesis focuses Processes of Public Participation and their impact on the youth

            -First Job: My first job was in 1995 as a high school teacher Pretoria High School for Girls.

            -Necessary Luxury:  My smartphone. It is intrusive at the worst of times, but I cannot live without it.

            -Your Passion: Community and social activism.



 Generosity: I consider giving to be the highest virtue to pursue. My very being is a testament to the spirit of generosity. In my work I encourage structured philanthropy.

Knowledge: Continuous learning, seeking new forms of knowledge to better myself so I could be better in what I do is critical to who I am and the work I do.

Perseverance: I have learnt to take it easy, particularly when the going is tough and persevere in the quest to fulfill my dreams.



My adopted father the late Eclipse Matshona Ntshwanti. Not only was he an educator by training and occupation he was also a community developer as well. This by choice. Together with my adopted mom in the 80’s they galvanized rural communities in and around our home village Ezingqayi in Butterworth to contribute and build strategically placed primary schools. This was to alleviate the pressure on the single junior primary school that existed in the area.

He inspired me to give of myself, my skills and my resources and assist where I can.



  • My adopted father for the reasons noted above
  • The unsung heroes who work in the development space, impacting on others’ lives, with little or no personal remuneration. In some instances, they use their own meager resources to run these community development programs.
  • My two daughters for the yearning to be better and excel in everything that they do. Their drive to excel makes me want to excel to so I am a positive role model to them and other young peoples in our circle.




To build my consulting businesses to a point where

1) we have a presence in as many provinces in South Africa

2) we work in partnership and collaboration with organizations and firms throughout Africa.

I don’t exactly have an accountability partner, but, I am very self-critical and self-accountable, that I have not relied on the external to see my plans through.



I am aware that despite achievements and progress made, African women continue to grapple major challenges and obstacles. At the center of it is the persistence of patriarchy which continues to be the biggest challenge women face. It manifests itself in various ways in the different contexts that women occupy. It results in a number of exclusions. For example, financial exclusion, exclusion in the workplace, exclusion in leadership positions to mention a few.


Closely linked to the challenges presented by patriarchy is the challenge of poverty and gender based violence. For many African women, they remain at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Further, one in three women will suffer physical or sexual violence during their lifetime, and half of female murder victims are killed by partners or family members.




I have recently taken back to road running. Nothing clears my mind than facing a long stretch of road in-front of me. I don’t make for a good “gym bunny”, so I have given up on that.

I also enjoy a picnic in my garden will always do good to my soul.

In the event I can afford a holiday I will sneak out to San La Meer in the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. It is serene and just beautiful!



Find me the most hard working person; who carries, may I say too with such grace, the most of our social challenges, yet never lose their fighting spirit; and I will give you an African Woman. Is that not just enough to celebrate?



Design of and facilitation of capacity building programmes aimed at women leaders and entrepreneurs because we need more women in leadership and entrepreneurship spaces.

Or…. Supporting grassroots women focused, women run community foundations and income generation projects to ensure grassroots development

Or…. Applied Research to inform and influence gender policies.



For the daughters:  Be the best that you can be. You are capable to be as great as you know yourself to be.

For the sisters: Hold by hand. Walk with me. Guide me. Advise me. Admonish me. Be my keeper!

For the mothers: From whom life began, we give gratitude. May you continue to be the anchor of your homes and your communities.

For the grandmothers:  In you is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Share that wisdom, so our community, Africa can be better than it was yesterday.