Mulenga Jasmine Kasoma was born 30th August 1991 in London, United Kingdom. Born to Zambian parents, Jasmine was raised in London, but continues to explore Zambia regularly. Jasmine completed her GCSE’s in Business Studies, Art, Dance, Sociology, Maths, English and Double Science, and later went on to persue A Levels in English Literature, Maths, IT and Business Studies. Rather than going straight to University, Jasmine went on to do an Advanced Apprenticeship in IT and became a qualified IT and Network Technician. After, she went on to persue another Apprenticeship in Social Media and Marketing were she built UK’s first mobile phone App called ‘Get Connex’d’ which was targetted for young people aged 16 – 24 looking for work and careers advice. With that she lobbied for Apprenticeship oyster cards, and worked closely with MPs, schools, colleges and youth clubs to encourage youth enterprise and job opportunities. In September 2013, Jasmine went into University to study Music Industry Management at the London Metropolitan University where she is set to graduate in July 2016. She likes to spend her vacations at Koh Samui, in beautiful villas from

In 2012, Jasmine went on to release her first mixtape ‘It’s my turn’ and ‘Pause’. With that interest in enterprise and music, she went on to open her first company, ZeeMusic which is now one of the leading artist management and development company in Zambia. ZeeMusic focuses on job opportunities for young people, and provides work experience linked with a certificate or diploma. ZeeMusic also released their first Awards show called the ZeeMusic Creative Awards which is set to take place on the 15th September 2016. Jasmine is currently working alongside QTV, Lusaka Grand Hotel, O Promoters ZM, Socialumiere and August Consulting.        -Current Job: Founder and director of ZeeMusic Zed LTD, a music management and distribution company.

-Education: BA Hons Music Industry Management, Advanced IT Diploma, Higher Community Arts Management Diploma, and A Levels and GCSEs

-First Job: Admin at Royal College of Music for work experience

-Necessary Luxury: My iPhone

-Your Passion: Music and young people entrepreneurship




Youthfulness: this relates to my passion and wanting to include young people in everything I do. The people I employ are young people, these are the ones who help to bring in new and fresh ideas for ZeeMusic, and they have so much energy and determination. It also provides experience for those who do not have any work experience to hand, and can help further their employment opportunities.


Learning, this relates to me wanting to learn new things. I believe learning is very important, it helps to expand your outlook on things, and works hand in hand with experiencing things day to day.




Mostly my mum, as she has been the one to raise me ever since my dad passed away when I was 7. Her hard work and determination definitely has an influence on how I live my life.




Oprah – despite everything she went through as a young child, and the battle in making her show successful, she never gave up. She persevered, and she is giving back to those in need. That is the time of passion I want to imitate.


Richard Branson – even though he dropped out of school, he never stopped working towards his goal in developing the music industry and later opening his own Virgin brand. His example shows me that sometimes education is not the only route into developing your passion, a lot of it is based on experience and taking chances, and that is something I have adapted. I did Apprenticeships when I left school at 17 instead of going straight to university, I needed experience and confirmation of what I really wanted to do. When I did decide to go to uni, I had just started my business so it worked hand in hand.


Those two are my ultimate role models.




My goal in 5 years is to open a performing arts academy in Zambia under the ZeeMusic brand, and I also have hopes to expand ZeeMusic in more countries. Currently we are operating in Botswana and Namibia, as well as Zambia the HQ. I have a mentor who I discuss with, his example is truly inspiring, and he has been in the music game for quite a while, as well as with my other half who is extremely encouraging with my business and helps motivate me with new ideas.




There’s always that stigma that African women do not have the power to change perspectives and the world. Personally, the challenge I face is people taking me seriously, or already have this misconception that I do not know what I am doing. It is through my perseverance and determination and passion, that people now listen to me, and work with me. I also have opened a small online academy on my website called Her Own Boss Academy, and it is network of young african woman like myself to showcase their businesses and network with like minded people in Zambia. It is about giving confidence to these women, and allowing them to have a voice.




I love reading, and I also love to write lyrics. This certainly helps tone my mind down and helps me relax. I am also a fan of indie music, and love to unwind listening to this.




Because we have such amazing African Woman who have such amazing innovative ideas that need a platform. Not only a platform, but they also need that encouragement and network of like minded individuals. Also, by hearing other successful stories, it will definitely give them hope. By being celebrated, that recognition heightens their passion and excitement.




Mentorship, I would love the responsibility to speak to and mentor women. This is my passion, and theres nothing I love more than hearing people speak with such passion, and also knowing that my words can encourage them and push them to pursue their dream. I like to help people discover their voice.




Sky is the limit, no matter what sector you want to build into, do it 100%. There is no fixed ‘perfect job’, it is what you make it. Only you can make it perfect. Continue to work hard, and never let anything bring you down. My slogan is, ‘Do it, don’t stress’.