I am a student, blogger, and social media editor. I have a bachelor degree in English linguistics and I am currently pursuing a master degree in the same field (at University of Cocody, Abidjan). I am also certified in Digital marketing. I have been writing content for a national media specialized in information and entertainment.

My biggest luxury necessity is traveling. I want to see a new horizon and discover new cultures.

I am a passionate advocate of gender equality, education, and leadership. I believe that women and girls can attain their full potential if they have been effectively influenced and encouraged to do so. I like writing stories because I think they have a transformative power in people life




Audacity: It is important to have the courage to defend your opinions and thoughts. Hiding your ideas on a particular issue will not help resolve or change it. It is principally what pushes me to create my blog, by my words I can stand against gender based violence. Instead of being a spectator I am an actor of change.


Determination: For me determination is pivotal. It helps you get rid of all your doubts and fears. A determined person stays focus on the goal rather than the turmoil that happen in his life.


Faith: Determination and faith are closely related and I consider myself as a woman of faith. If you don’t have faith in others, your potential and the possible realization of your dreams you are certainly lost. I like saying that we should have “the faith that moves the mountains of our lives”.




I have strongly been influenced by my mother who always teaches me to step outside my comfort zone and work for what I believe in. I have been taught to be an optimist about the future and act considerably to make things happen. I am still cultivating those thoughts daily.






I have learned from my family the importance of giving support and being caring. I came to understand the true sense of loving the others despite the differences and the meaning of giving without expecting something in return.


Chimamanda Adichie Ngozie

She definitely represents the strong, courageous and brilliant person African women are. I am particularly influenced by her thoughts on gender issue and the importance telling stories.


Sephora Kodjo

She is my mentor, a wonderful and inspiring leader. She taught me by her personality and actions what a servant leader is. I learn from her that we are not too young to contribute to social change.




In the next five years, I want to witness changes in the domain of girls’ education in Cote d’Ivoire and Africa as a whole. I would like to see more girls being recognized this fundamental right and not only view it as a chance. I intend to contribute to this view by developing a community of young women dedicated to supporting girls in their education. By helping them cope with the difficulties they may encounter at school as in their family life.

I have friends who share my views and work with me to implement this project. I also receive wonderful pieces of advice from my brothers and sisters on how to materialize my dreams. Because I think there always something we can learn from others, I am also open to critics and ideas from people who may not be very close to me.



African women face big challenges as far as violence and education are concerned. And the societal view on those issues makes them harder to fix.  This is why I am engaged in associations that fight against gender based violence because nothing can justify violence a woman.  In addition to my engagement in the community, I denounce through my blog all the problem African women face (education, genital mutilation, rape, violence …)



I like reading book and watching movies




I think that it is important to inspire African woman because by doing so, we encourage them to take up challenges and undertake actions in their communities. African woman will certainly overcome their apprehensions and fears, to achieve their full potential. What seems impossible or unrealizable for them will finally be within their reach if they have been introduced to powerful and inspiring women.

We need to celebrate African women because they deserved it. They play a fundamental role in our communities, not only because of their role in children education as mothers and wife but for their sense of leadership and entrepreneurship. They demonstrate an infinite love and an admirable strength of character in all their actions.

African Women are untapped resources and empowering them will have a significant impact on our continent.  If African women are equipped and trained to gain control over their lives, they will be live likely to make the right choices for their children, families and their own lives.




If I had to work in the Africa Union, I would like to intervene in the designing of programs and projects that focus on promoting girls access to education in urban and rural areas. The projects will look for the enhancement of these girls lives. A special attention will be given to their sex education in order to prevent teen pregnancy and dropout.




Bring out what is best for you and let your light shine, because your small actions will contribute to Africa transformation.