Angeline spent her childhood in rural areas of her native Zimbabwe, where her passion for humanitarian and advocacy work began. In 2012, she founded SparkRead, an organization which addresses and redresses the challenges faced by young people in marginalized communities with a particular focus on the empowerment of girls and women. Angeline’s passion for social change also led her to volunteer with various non-profit organizations including the Girl Child Network Zimbabwe, Young Women Christian Association Zimbabwe, and SistaAct Zimbabwe. At these organizations, she has focused on combating child trafficking, child abuse, and child marriages. She has also worked to ensure young women’s participation in conversations about socioeconomic issues. Angeline has a Bachelor’s of Science Honours in Psychology from the Zimbabwe Open University. She won the Vital Voices Leadership Fellowship in w013 and the Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award in 2016. Above all, Angeline believes in harnessing the potential of young people in underprivileged communities and enabling these young people to be agents of social change. [Women Deliver]

Current Job – Founder/ Coordinator at Spark R.E.A.D

Education- Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology, Diploma in Law

First Job – Assistant Programs Officer at Girl Child Network

Your Passion- I’m driven by seeing girls and young women thriving in all facets of their life.



Three words – Imagination, my ability to imagine beyond my current situation saw me testing new ideas and adventures and eventually succeeding in them.


Learning – I love learning because in doing so many relationships are created, avenues are opened and your mindset is always open. In my both career and personal life, I use learning as a tool to grow, accumulate knowledge and subsequently impart that knowledge to others.


Integrity – I have strong moral principles that I in-cooperate in my goals and work ethics.




My mother has the most profound influence in me.




Edinah Masanga – She is a fierce woman, who defied all odds to follow her passion as a Journalist, Gender and Media Rights Advocate.


Malala Yousafzai – I envy her courage to help vulnerable girls to access quality education as an education activist.


My mom – She taught me the essence of perseverance and helping people without expecting anything in return.





For the next five years, I envision myself to have reached over 100 000 girls and women with my advocacy and empowerment work. I work with mentors from various fields that include social entrepreneurs, Child rights Advocates, and activists. They all assist me to shape my vision into tangible results.




Challenges facing African women are humongous, through my working experience I discovered at first hand that; gender based violence and poverty are the real problems affecting sisters, mothers and young girls in Africa. Each and every day in the media stories of butchered women, murdered, harassed, and sexually assaulted always surface. Lack of employment opportunities and economic hardships are leading to extreme poverty hence hampering the development of African women. To combat these ills, I founded a non-profit organization called Spark R.E.A.D that seeks to address and redress problems that girls and women face.




To relax I love doing yoga, trying out new cooking recipe also lifts up my soul.




African Women should be inspired, celebrated and empowered because they work so hard, they are very courageous and are the epitome pillars of hope in their communities.




If granted an opportunity to work in the African Union in the women advocacy and empowerment department the main responsibilities I will take are; Young women participation- I would ensure that young women from diverse backgrounds within the African Union meaningfully participate in dialogues, policy formulation, and project execution. This is highly important because they have to contribute to addressing the problems that they face.


Health and Wellbeing of women and children- I would ensure that all measure to improve the health and well-being of women and children is taken into consideration. Addressing issues such as maternal health, mental health, adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights and early childhood development starting from the grassroots communities.



Advice to women across all sectors and spheres of life is from Albert Einstein ‘In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity’ Be daring and be bothered by negativity.