Chilufya is currently the Head Bancassurance at Stanbic Bank Zambia and is responsible for the overall management and control of the Bancassurance unit with the purpose of scaling-up exposure and coverage of the Bank’s client base to the Bancassurance products.

She started off her career as a Life Sales Representative at Madison Life Insurance in July 2000 and has since risen through the ranks and held various positions including Production Manager before becoming National Sales & Bancassurance Manager at Barclays Life Zambia in May 2012. She clocks 17 years of experience in the insurance and financial services sector. She has a wealth of experience in Insurance Sales Management and Strategy Formulation.

Chilufya is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) and Zambia Institute of Marketing (MZIM); in addition to being an Alumni Member of the University of Liverpool and University of Oxford – Said Business School. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Global Consumer Marketing (MSc MCM) with the University of Liverpool (UK), a Professional Post Graduate Diploma (DipCIM) with Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) and graduated her studies in Innovation & Strategy Programme with University of Oxford – Said Business School (UK).

-Current Job: Head Bancassurance

-Education: Masters Degree

-First Job: Life Sales Representative

-Necessary Luxury: World Ventures

-Your Passion: Undertaking Community Events and having an impact on people I come into contact with.


Humility: Aside from my job I am a Federation President of the Dorcas Society in the Seventh Day Adventist Church at Lusaka Central SDA Church in Lusaka, Zambia. The objective of the society is “Serving The Community With a Difference”. To be a leader and align all activities to serving the community calls for humility. You meet people from all walks of life and need not to choose who you serve. For me, this is who I am and working so hard to touch people’s lives and have an impact on works I do. Currently, I am working with the street kids found along Independence Avenue working in conjunction with the Fountain of Hope, Lusaka.

The challenges faced are with regards financial support to be able to consistently support the needs of the children housed at Fountain of Hope and those found on Independence Avenue.

Optimistic: I am very optimistic about the outcome of projects I manage. I am always hoping for the best and very optimistic about what tomorrow hold. It is this belief that keeps me going and helps achieve results. Challenges I faced may include other people not seeing things from the same perspective.

Purpose; I believe in living life with a purpose and working to leave things better than I found them. If I don’t fix it, no one will!


Dr. Lawrence S. Sikutwa; having had identified the talent in me and trusted me with the greater responsibility that has helped me become the person I am today.



Dr. Lawrence S. Sikutwa: Founder and Shareholder of Lawrence Sikutwa & Associates (LSA Group). He saw an opportunity in the 1992 liberalization of the Zambia economy; he took to challenge and formed Madison Insurance Co. Zambia Limited, the first private Insurance company to have ever been in Zambia. Today, his organization not only does Insurance (Life and Short Term) but he is a main player in the Financial Services Sector and provides the following benefit: Wealth, Investment, Management, and Banking.

Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady who had great belief in women contribution towards development. Well known for her say “if you want something done, go for women; if you want something said, go for men”.

Esther in the Bible well known for her qualities such as Humility, Compassion, Wisdom & Integrity and because of her wisdom, she was able to serve an entire nation from destruction.



To be in an Executive Director role of a corporate in the Zambia insurance industry and contribute to deepening insurance penetration levels. Work at developing channels and products that will be accessible to lower income earners (BTP). My focus is on driving the “Insurance Inclusion” agenda further through speaking at different forums or platforms (media) and work at increasing insurance awareness in different communities.

Yes, I do have an executive coach and partner and/or friends I discuss my plans with.


Leadership – borrowing from Drucker, “until you figure out what success means to you and to your organization, Leadership is an almost pointless conversation”. Level 5 leaders are a rare breed and so my leadership programs would be channeled in this area not just for my community but for self too because learning is continuous.

I do offer mentorship to young girls/women between the age of 18 to 35 years who are affiliated with “Kupes Young Women Network”; share my story just so I could inspire.


I take time off to be in the vegetable fields at Kadoko Vegies (a small-scale farm that my husband and I run). Participating in the harvest and getting to deliver vegetables into the markets whilst engaging in discussions with the women traders/marketers is so refreshing. This activity helps me to relax and unwind because it’s totally different from my usual corporate engagements and I get to appreciate women and understand what they go through to provide for their homes.

To get the tension off, I am often in the gym; a minimum of 3 days a week and I also like to run at least once or twice a week. I recently participated in the Victoria Falls Half Marathon Run (21.1kms) that took place on 28 June 2017, in Vic Falls Town, Zimbabwe.


My most profound quote is one that was made by Margaret Thatcher: “If you want something said, go for a man; but if you want something done, go for a Woman”! Women are said to be focused and are enterprising people. The story of an African woman is a phenomenon and is still work in progress considering the many sensitization programs on women and their abilities to contribute effectively to national/economic development initiatives and in turn, is transforming lives in the communities and the corporate world at large.


My area of interest would definitely be “Entrepreneur and Leadership Development. Lack of a well-defined business identity remains an existing gap for many entrepreneurs in my community, including self. Hence, delivering mentorship programme on “How to create a Business Identity” would be key.


There is nothing more profound than to be an African Woman; full of passion and great exposure to the varying cultures that make us who we are today; leaving a remarkable impression on whomever you get in contact with. An African Woman is truly a blessing; not only to the family but to the entire community given the many responsibilities entrusted right from a tender age.