Mugabi Patsy is a Ugandan national and a global citizen; She is thrilled by the this. She is a financial economist in the making currently enrolled at Strathmore University. Her heart beats for the creation of content and spilling of creative juices on the web. She is actively blooming on the spoken word scene and a freelance blogger. She is a girl of few words and many actions. With deeps words such as “I attribute all that I am to God because all I lack in perfection, He makes up for in love”



Being Assertive, Unique, Noble



My mother has the greatest influence on me; She personifies tenacity fused with poetic grace. Life has presented its fair share of hard knocks such as my father’s death at a tender age or acute illness of one of my siblings. Regardless of the situation, she is quick to evaluate it in the face of danger and make the best decision for one. This is in the sense of plural effects and never singular. The way she never gives up and continues to do life by hitting it with her best shot, multiple times is what captivates me.



My Mother – She is affirmative in the action of peacebuilding and reeks of tenacity regarding fronting of women’s rights as well as actively participating in democratic governance.


Nancy Kacungira(BBC London).

She teaches me the simplicity of life, regards taking the next big step and challenging the status quo. What lingers in my mind most is how she implores me; “In life when given the opportunity to feel superior to others or superior others, reject both.”

Martha Karua(Kenyan Politician)

She challenges quo every single time; In 2013 she contested for the Presidential seat of Kenya. She is actively championing women’s rights through advocacy of laws that protect and promote human rights interests and recently turned 61 but remains an avid human rights monitor for females.



Through the lens of my mind’s eye, I see how bright the future can get for youth like me. In such a digital age, I would love to spearhead a movement of girls in creative arts related opportunities. But the unique aspect would be looping in the technological aspect because I suspect the digital era will be something else by then. Technology is vital for this because the problems we are currently experiencing can be solved within a click of a button.

I currently have three friends with whom we implore fellow youth to tap into their creative potential and this has been successful especially in terms of performance art to create awareness on the pertinent issues surrounding us.




Currently, it breaks my heart to see women are stifling their potential by buying the lie of some professions or roles are for men strictly.

The truth of the matter is that we still uphold cultural views towards responsibilities and practices especially in the rural parts of the country where women shy aware from grand opportunities of leading positive change.




I  write most times. I hate writing but I love having written. The work of my hands is readily available on my blog( I also read ferociously.




One candle loses nothing by lighting another candle if anything the flame is brighter and much stronger.

I believe by inspiring, celebrating, and empowering, we burn the pages of women being a weaker sex and rewrite a history of revolution of how able-bodied women are leading positive change.

Empowering women narrows the wide gap between ignorance of such opportunities and the reality of their occurrence.



I would actively formulate development policies within the existing Women, Gender, and Development Directorate if the African Union. These policies would be tabled at World Economic Forum by carrying out research beforehand regarding the gap between women that can finance their way to these opportunities and those that are not able to.

My second agenda would be the formation of a committee with full representation from the 54 independent African states; for transparency and monitoring as well as supervision of the policies implemented from top to bottom.



 Never underestimate your power to cause change. Just like the African mosquito; To understand that anyone can cause change, in a span of one night; share a roof with a small creature like a mosquito. Even as you participate to lead positive change, trust the process, and be committed entirely to it; everything else is secondary.