My name is Obiianuju and yes with a double ii, I am a serial and social entrepreneur, a lover of all things beautiful. By default I love business and I have added my own twist by helping women learn how to be better in their businesses and in their lives as well. This starts with a bit of mindset development and mental awareness. I was born in the north and recently given the nickname Queen of the North because I decided to come back from Lagos and help more women work on their selves. So I would say I love seeing people better, people who have learned the art of Balance and working together especially women. I also have a background in PR, New media Journalism, and fashion.

I also run a startup media company called ObiianujuMedia Limited, a for-benefit driven media company created by women and for women and committed to restoring balance through the creation of original digital content for events, online platforms, and videos. We collaborate with like-minded partners and offer various game-changing opportunities that can impact each individual and the society at large.









My Family

My Mentors



Maria Shriver – she started what they called the architects of change, her ability to identify people who are doing great things within their community is amazing. Plus she has a journalistic background which also shows her attention to details and excellence.

My Mum (Rev. Victoria Asika) – Who taught me about patience, resilience and sticking to what I believe in and love at all times. She also taught me to be hospitable because you never know when tables would turn and would need help.

Bishop Fumbi Addo – she has a beautiful heart and knows how to love. She knows how to bring women from different backgrounds together and help them grow



In the next 5 years, I see our brand becoming a household name. We hope to Work with more women, helping them to learn the art of balance, to handle their careers as well as family life without pressure. We also see that there is a great need to bring together influencers, instigators, and innovators to join to make a difference and protect the future of the next generation while we in return find our place and find healing. We already have set this plan in motion.

Yes, I do have friends, Mentors, and partners I discuss with on a daily basis to see this plan unfold and to reach as many women as possible. Also for a dream to become effective one may need to outline them and take them in an order of priority.



 There are a lot of challenges we as African women face, ranging from harmful cultural practices to social discrimination to lack of access to proper education and retention of the girl-child in school to Gender-based violence, sexual violence and domestic violence to gender equality to social exclusion to competition between ourselves to what people expect from them at all times, etc. The list goes on and this has affected us, how we act, react and respond to the society. One of the major challenges I see is the basis for all these is a woman not knowing who she is and being unable to identify what strength she carries on the inside.


The mind is where it all begins, what she believes would determine her next action so she needs to be fed right so she can become better and to an extent would not be taken advantage of. That’s where mental awareness, personal development, and the right support system should come in.  I always used to ask women I am privileged to meet, ‘Who are you?’ once she can answer this with all confidence then we are on the right path. But there has to be balanced; bad personal experiences lead to resentfulness, hate, and insecurity most times so purging that out has to come first. You cannot put new wine into an old wine bag.


Now the fault is not totally her because it was what she was taught from childhood or was abused but there is always room for improvement. We have seen these trends of challenges repeat itself in different women so we are building a support system for women and using the media to create awareness, campaigns, and projects. Of course, we have influencers that have been really supportive of these moves and I use the term ‘we’ because yes I may be the convener but I can’t do this without the women in my team.




A day at the spa! It’s just a beautiful relaxing process. Then an evening with low lights, music or movie, Cake, and Red wine…BLISS!.




Remember the saying, train a girl child and you are building a community? That is undeniably truth, a woman generally is blessed and I think the African woman need to always be reminded that she has more inside of her and can do so much. She is a multi-tasker and nurturer; she can birth ideas and make them better. When she works together with other women and are more focused, they form stronger and unbreakable bonds.



Well, I have always been a media and Public Relations person so if I have that privilege today I would work with the communications, PR or New Media department.



Never be scared to want to find who you truly are, at first you would be frowned at but over time the real you would be accepted. You are beautiful no matter what and should not allow people defined you by your present situation or your past; you alone can define your future. When you rise above these obstacles and remain true to who you are, you become strong, supportive and then have the ability to show love to those who matter… Be you, be true.