My name is Añuli Ola-Olaniyi. I am the founder of a youth organization called HEIR and we are created to support young women in their career choices and journey. I am a Project Manager, HR Specialist and Digital Skills Trainer. I write career articles and how it impacts the woman, I advocate for women inclusion and I host a training platform called Hire Me Bootcamp.



Intelligence- The seeking after and application of knowledge, skills and abilities for use to ones own advantage. I believe a woman’s greatest asset is her Intelligence.

Respect- The treatment of a person with great importance, admiration and immeasurable value. I believe that women are to earn respect due to their abilities, qualities and achievements.


Learning – The deligence in putting the required effort into doing anything in order to achieve desired result. I believe that success comes through sets of pre-determined learning and efforst applied through hardwork.



My most profound influence is my Father. He is the man who has shown love to me unconditionally and ensured I got the right environment, mindset and platform to reach my goals.



Col AU Aniebo (Late)- Also my father. Dad’s life in the military showed us what commitment, dedication and discipline means in our daily pursuit of happiness. He was an exceptional soldier, loved by all and always taught me that hardwork is inevitable, Integrity is paramount and a good name is everything.

Debra Lee. CEO of Black Entertainment Television. Debra is an educated lawyer who rose from an employee to an executive officer but more than that, since her resumption as the CEO of BET, Debra has transformed what BET was to where it is today. Innovative, Intelligent, Creative and Reselient Mogul.

Dr. Mrs Ego Grace Aniebo – My resilient and visionary mother. Her attitude to hardwork, principles and love for the family is an inspiration to me. I learn daily from my mom and I see how I can be better in all my life battles and goals.



My goal (by God’s Grace) is to be in an appointed leadership position that influences change in the life of young women and the nation as whole.


I have a select circle who have heard my dreams and are always willing to point me to opportunities that will help to actualize my goals.



Inclusion is the main challenge in my opinion. Whatever way you evaluate it, including women in required areas from governance to leadership to nation building needs to be better across Africa. We need to think, talk and walk DIVERSITY.


From a career point of view, I am using my platform to get more young women into careers by showing and sharing what is essentially needed to sustain one. I also need them to know that you can be in a career and add value to your nation. That is why you have elected and appointed positions in government but you need to know your craft and develop yourself. This is one of the little contributions I do.



(Laughing) Wow…the things I do changes with age (laughing). I am a wife and mother so, watching cartoons sometimes gets tension off. But for me, personally, I have a mix of things from staying indoors when I can, to seeing a good British Drama, Comedy or Documentary or simply hanging out with my select few and we have great conversations about everything and anything.



Wow! The reasons are endless you know.

Inspired- Because inspiration brings about motivation and hope and then action

Celebrated- Because appreciation gives feeling of recognition and will help other women work towards the goal.

Empowered- Because we cannot be inspired and celebrated if we did not first become equipped. Empowerment is the vehicle to greatness.



If I had the opportunity I will work in projects that cater to developing the potential of young women across departments.

Reason is, I believe in diversity and inclusion. I don’t believe in giving anyone an opportunity because they are a minority. If one deserves the opportunity, based on all standards, let them have the opportunity. No handouts please. So, for me, I want to be known for my intelligence and excellent application of it by the pool water leak detector, not for my face or tribe or gender. That is what I will instill into the minds of young women. The goal posts shift when a woman is appointed, but that will end because any woman appointed deserves the position because she is qualified and worked hard for it.
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 My advice is, we are all taking over the world. Let us start by taking over the mindsets and myths created by some, change them to empower us all. Let us all support each other and walk together to achieve our overall goal of diversity and inclusion. The family needs it, the state needs it, the nation needs it and the world is waiting.