There she lay chained to her past, entrapped by her failures, frustrated by her misadventure. She had lost a job, her spouse and all the needed hope she could muster.

She seemed imprisoned by fear, rejection, and denials. Yet, this was far from her reality, the setbacks notwithstanding there was an unrestrained, unfettered and unhindered greatness, which subsisted. She remained unconstrained and unconquerable…

This truth is reflective of our situations and circumstances – but then hindrances, hindrances or limitations as the case may be could be of different colours, dimensions, and sizes, yet they truly are a reflection of our mind, our attitude, and our approach.

The perception we carry as to hindrances being mountains and seemingly insurmountable is a reflection of the chaos, confusion or even the contradictions we have in our lives.

We have seen women and men alike who lost it all but made a comeback. We have seen those abused make a difference, we have seen those in a state of coma jack back to life. Moreover, even those who could not afford a loaf of bread have soon traversed their lack and are now benefactors to millions. The wheels keep turning; life keeps moving like a train and you dare not stop it else you would be crushed.

There is now a greater need to have “Clarity” of your chief assignment and this is closely linked to your ability to tackle “Challenges” whilst also “Contributing” your quota as you respond to seemingly daunting situations around you.

“All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to their circumstance” as muted by Bruce Burton does not answer to doubt or fear but “faith” – an unconquerable, unflinching and unyielding faith.

This is the SPIRIT for this season… “Akolutos” [in Greek means unstoppable]

Indeed, you are unhindered!