Kemi Oye is a Career Coach, HR Professional, Trainer and Speaker based in the UK.

Known as The Career Doctor, God’s mandate on her life is to help people discover their purpose-driven career so that they can be

impactful and fulfilled at work.

Her passion for ensuring people are fully engaged at work and maximising their full potential drives her to do this work using her proprietary 3D framework – Discover, Design and Develop your purpose-driven career.

Kemi recognises the changing face of the workplace and the corresponding desire for people to be fulfilled. This enables her to use her expertise to help clients look inward to find their unique talents, creating a clear focus and helping them come up with the appropriate application for meaningful, fulfilling, purposeful and profitable work.

Kemi is supremely qualified to do this work and is able to own her career authoritatively as a result of two decades of experience in the HR arena working with people who have made wrong career choices and are unfulfilled at work. This often manifests in people frustrated, confused or too comfortable to desire to make an lasting impact in the workplace.

Some highlights of her work that has given her access to the people she loves to serve are:

Working as the HR Project lead for two multi million pound projects in the UK. The first being a £160m project to transfer employees into  the biggest cardiovascular centre in Europe and a £150m project to build a new cancer centre in the UK;

Development of Health & Well-being & Workforce strategies;

Creation of Employee Assistance Programmes; Talent Management and Senior Leaders Coaching programmes;

Mentoring Aspiring HR Business Partners and young adults;

Participation in the volunteer programme for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

Her formal qualifications (BA Hons, MA International HRM, Dip in Leadership), experience as a qualified coach and chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and using personality profiling tools to provide bespoke and sustainable solutions have been instrumental in her ability to deliver great results.

Kemi is on a mission to see the narrative around work change. She believes that every woman should thrive and love being in the workplace because they are able to deploy their talents, passion, and personality appropriately as opposed to working out of necessity.

Her professionalism, objectivity, and calm approach are often referred to as second to none in helping clients discover the work they were born to do.

When Kemi is not helping career professionals identify their perfect career match to make work a delight, she is busy learning new gospel songs to lead in her local church; helping teenagers develop leadership competencies supporting their career journey and training new members of the church on the core principles of Christian living.

Kemi is married with 2 teenage children and enjoys a great time at the spa and being adventurous with new food recipes.

She is one of the women to watch out for in 2021.

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