Meet me! Izehi Anuge

There are four intrinsic paradigms that drive her:
1. Her passion
2. Her values,
3. Her beliefs
4. Her aspirations

She is candidly fascinated with Service Excellence and the mark it makes in the psyche of every individual she comes across. This fascination grows from a choice to see people succeed, propelled by a craving for excellence that is not just controlled or “performed”, but learned and lived continuously.
This has led her to pursue multiple areas in Values Based Education and Learning. An Author of a children’s book series (Captain Excellence) which focuses on triggering a Values-Based consciousness in children as well as Gen Z personal & Creative Excellence workbook, founder inspire Excellence and National Service Excellence Initiative. And an Expert at creating a Values-Based Framework for Institutions and Managing Director, Eleanorthompson.

She daily acknowledges that values build character in both individuals, businesses and Nations and help them rise above the crowd.
She is definitely one of the women to watch out for in 2021.

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